Decompressed Prism

CGI for video installation


Decompressed Prism is a video installation which uses an essayistic and experimental approach, combining different languages, from the documentary to archival footages, sound design, factual data, performances, to unveil the tensions and paradoxes contained in the systemic logic of monitoring and surveillance.
The work explores different applications of black box technologies, questioning the way technological mediation is shaping the way we make sense of the world and of ourselves as individuals. The story invites to speculate about counter-narratives to liberate the body, which is represented between forms of digitalism and realism.

This is a video installation by the artist Salvatore Vitale, in which I took part of during my period of Internship at his studio. I was involved in the project from the research to the conceptualization to the production, my main contributions are the CGI elements and animations, which are the symbols and the talking avatar.

Project by Salvatore Vitale.
Installation view picture taken by
Rolando Paolo Guerzoni

For more info and the complete list of contributors: here.