Where Our Body Ends & Indium Begins

Video 5’ 00”


Indium is a technology-critical element, primarily used in screens and touch screens production. Despite its ubiquity in our daily lives, the supply chain of this element remains opaque, and its recycling is less than 1%. What would change if we started considering it as part of our bodies? Or vice versa if Indium considered us as mere producers of data, statistical objects among other objects? Assuming the premise of technology as an extension of ourselves, I developed a narrative from the perspective of a screen, exploring in which way this medium-element is already shaping our understanding of the world through its interface, datafication process and surveillance, in spite of its invisibility.

The 3D models created for this video have been produced using photogrammetry apps . Project realised at Design Academy of Eindhoven during the first year of the Information design MA course.

Model: Berta Grau Sánchez
Voice-over: Alice Moretto