+1 Day Streak (Trust the process)

Video 9’ 46”


To gamify something means to apply components and mechanics used in video games to non-game settings. Gamification is not about creating a space ‘suspended from reality’ made of shared and negotiated rules, but rather an individualistic technique to create and maintain a behavioral change in order to be more productive and efficient.
+1 Day Streak examines the impact of gamification on a subject who willingly adopt it for self-improvement. Gamifying one’s life can be seen as an attempt to gain self-control, self-governance, and the possibility of sef-reinvention. The gamified subject takes on the connotations of an administrable object, an avatar with which one ends up identifying as well as looking from an externalized, god’s like perspective, while being the initiator and the performer of new productivity rituals.

Master graduation project in Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. This work is based on my master thesis A Kind of Ritual of Productivity & Control, and it was nominated for the 2023 Gijs Bakker Award.

Voice 1 (Narrator): Dan Eams
Voice 2 (Avatar): Alice Moretto

Avatar: MetaHuman Creator, Unreal
Motion capture: Live Link Face, Unreal