Profiling Eye

Video 10’ 02”


This video is based on my BA thesis research on the construction of the subject in the online profiling process — namely, of data appropriation and analysis mechanisms, which is followed by the assignation of a profile (or algorithmic identity) with the aim of predicting and influencing a user’s behaviour. Since this technology contributes to the creation of a future based on classifications of data taken from the past—which reflect existing values and prejudices in society—these operations can clash with the psychological or political bases of individual self-determination. Problems therefore arise, such as the lack of transparency regarding the workings and effects of these processes, as well as the role played by the designer in their creation.
The project is a video installation based on the interaction and mutual influence between two screens, which play on the changes of the user categorization and navigation paths related to the analysis of their data production.

The video is based on my BA thesis: Profiling Eye, The construction of the Subject in the Online Profiling Process. (Unibz)